El Paso, Texas

In 1969, work was underway to extend the federal Interstate 10 (I-10) through El Paso to link the cross-country, east-west highway from Jacksonville, Florida, to Santa Monica, California. A monumental project designed to support transportation and trade, the project disrupted the heart of Downtown El Paso — and the fabric of El Paso’s urban core — with a sunken freeway.

Today, we’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime

chance to change that.

The Board of Directors of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation has established the Downtown Deck Plaza Foundation under its umbrella to support the vision for a Deck Plaza over I-10 in the downtown corridor.

The transformational project will stitch together the neighborhoods on either side of I-10 in the downtown area and bring needed green space, hike/bike and other recreational amenities to the region.

A vision for the project was developed by OJB Landscape Architecture, the firm that designed the Klyde Warren Park, a five-acre deck park in downtown Dallas, with funding support from the Paso del Norte Health Foundation.

It’s just a starting point …

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