Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About the Deck Plaza

What is a Deck Plaza?

A deck plaza is a constructed surface that provides for green-scape and other potential amenities over an occupied space, such as a highway. In the case of the proposed Downtown Deck Plaza, the deck plaza would potentially be a green and recreational space constructed over the portion of I-10 that runs through Downtown El Paso, potentially reconnecting the neighborhoods on either side and creating for a regional amenity for all to enjoy.

What are examples of other Deck Plazas?

Other examples of deck plaza projects which have been constructed or are under consideration include Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, Hance Park in Phoenix, Reconnect Rondo in St. Paul, Minn., the Stitch in Atlanta, and Freeway Park in Seattle.

How does the proposed Downtown Deck Plaza relate to TxDOT’s Downtown 10 Project?

Proposed roadway infrastructure improvements to I-10 and the Downtown Deck Plaza Foundation’s advocacy for a Deck Plaza in Downtown El Paso are separate undertakings. However, if TxDOT makes improvements to I-10 through Downtown El Paso, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to weave the urban fabric of Downtown and Uptown back together with the addition of a Deck Plaza.

What is the proposed footprint of the Downtown Deck Plaza? Will any property acquisition be required?

The footprint for the project will depend upon community input and plans for TxDOT’s Downtown 10 Project. The Downtown Deck Plaza Foundation will not own the Downtown Deck Plaza Project or have the right to acquire any property. Questions about highway construction and any potential property acquisition and right-of-way processes should be directed to TxDOT.

Why not just put a Deck Plaza over I-10 as it is today?

The Downtown Deck Plaza Foundation understands that the project is more feasible economically if it is built in cooperation with TxDOT.

Is the Downtown Deck Plaza Project already a done deal?

Not at all. Transformational projects like the Deck Plaza require collaboration among the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to determine the design, amenities, cost, and funding sources. Community support and involvement are critical to bring the vision for a Deck Plaza to reality. Sign up for the e-newsletter for updates and invitations to engagement sessions.