Whether you live, work, own property, or just travel through downtown, the Downtown Deck Plaza needs your help.  We are starting the design process and want it to be a place you and your family enjoy.

In other communities like Dallas and Phoenix, Deck Plazas built over urban freeways have catalyzed growth, development, and excitement. They have created important amenities that enhance downtown work-life and livability.

No matter where you live in El Paso, you can have a voice in this project — from the Upper Valley to the Mission Valley, from the Westside to the Eastside and from Central to the Northeast. The same is true across our region. Whether you live in Las Cruces or Van Horn or Alamogordo or Ciudad Juárez, your input matters.

If we’re able to get it done, this Deck Plaza will belong to all of us. Please sign up for email updates and tell us what you’d like to see!

Tell us what you’d like to see